Our packaging

Bottles made from bottles and bottles made from plants.

Our packaging concept is developed with at strategy to reduce the use of virgin plastic (made from oil and gas), reduce unnecessary transportation of water and encourage both recycling and reuse of plastic bottles.

All Simple Goods plastic bottles are made from 100 % re-used plastic, which has about 70% lower carbon footprint than using virgin plastic.

Our Toilet Cleaner bottles are made from 100 % bio plastic. Bio plastic is made from CO2 neutral organic biomass sources such as sugarcane, straw or cellulose. Unlike oil and gas is biomass a renewable resource.

Our unique Simple Goods refill system makes sure that our bottles can be used again and again and also reduce unnecessary transportation of water.

How to sort your waste.
Plastic is often named the ”bad guy” but if we all make sure to sort our waste and recycle correctly, plastic can in many cases be the most sustainable alternative.

Sorting your waste and recycling of plastic is important and the only way to transform the empty bottles into new energy, new packaging or other new products. Our recycled bottles, bio plastic bottles and all lids, sprayers and pumps are recyclable and can be sorted in the same bin.

We hope that you will join us in our strategy and take extra good care when sorting your Simple Good waste.

Simple Goods plastic bottles

Simple Goods plastic bottles

Made of 100% re-used plastic

Toilet Cleaner bottles

Toilet Cleaner bottles

Made from 100% bio plastic